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Testosterone is the principle male hormone and since males are known to be more aggressive than females, it has been concluded that an over abundance of testosterone causes aggressive and even hostile behaviour leading to very violent attacks and even murders. Some of them turn against themselves and commit suicide. There are cases of people going into deep depression or even manifesting symptoms of mental disorder like schizophrenia. While the psychologists and scientists still debate the effects of steroids as causing roid rage, the answer is unknown, however, psychiatrist Harrison Pope in Massachusetts says that this is a misconception resulting from the fact that medical experiments cannot ethically give large doses of steroids.

In the lab testosterone doses would be limited to 300 mg per week when the average dose normally taken by steroid users is more than 1000 mg per week. This leads to a "whole different ballgame" where psychological symptoms become common and can be very severe. Most steroid users are quick to identify it as a major problem brought on from heavy steroid use. Added to that, the effects that they have on all brain chemistry can lead to highs and lows. 

Pope, who sometimes serves as an expert witness in US courts, says he has been involved in dozens of murder cases where someone who was on steroids went on to kill somebody, who previously had no history of violence or crime beforehand. He also says wives and girlfriends are often the victim of men who are cranked up on steroids. In a study Pope found 23% of steroid users reporting major mood disturbances, including mania and major depression. Steroid users also reported aggressive or violent incidents. Several users reported they were expelled from their homes by parents, wives or girlfriends because they became intolerably aggressive.

A lucky escape of a lady who told me of the effects that steroids had on her fiancé. They made him act more and more violent and aggressive in his everyday life. Unfortunately, that violence was also aimed at her - after a heated row, her beloved pet cat ended up being the victim of his violent attack by kicking him in the head whilst wearing steel toe capped work boots, fracturing the cat's cheek bone, leaving the pet struggling to breath and needing hospitalisation at the Vets. After that she knew he was capable of anything. She had him successfully prosecuted by the RSPCA and received a 18 month conditional discharge and a fine, which will remain on his criminal record. The RSPCA Inspector told her "she'd had a lucky escape as it could have been her!" "Inflicting such pain on a poor defenceless animal is intolerable". Following this incident her fiancé visited his GP and was given a reduced dose of the steroid to be "weaned" off them. All this ended their 2 year relationship as this was not the man she once knew. WHY ? Because when he looked in the mirror he craved a bigger muscular body like those in men's magazines and his normal gym routine was not producing the results he desired.

One steroid user told me that his roid rage got so bad that he could hardly drive his car without wanting to fight every driver that even looked at him the wrong way.

I had a mother write to me who no longer knew her son. He had changed so much since joining a gym. Her friend told her that she had found out through her son that he was on steroids. When she confronted him he became aggressive and defensive denying the accusation.

Another lady told me of her husband, once polite, loving and kind started to take steroids - "it was like someone flicking a switch" - and he turned into an aggressive, abusive monster who she didn't recognise. She got fed up with all the arguing over little things and lost all of her self esteem. A night at the A & E and a broken nose led her to leave him fearing for the safety of herself and the kids.

People considering taking steroids do not understand the potentially horrific risks associated with anabolic steroid use. Steroids are not physically addictive but they can create a mental dependency and make it impossible to quit without suffering major psychological consequences. 

In my opinion people who take large doses of anabolic steroids can suffer roid rage. This must all depend on the individuals make up. Everybody is different. But how do you know if this is going to be you ? And would you recognise what is happening to yourself ? Are steroids worth the risk ? Why does the sport of body building have the most reported violent crime rate ?

Why do people even need to think about taking steroids ? Why take a substance that alters your brain chemistry ? Anything that has a direct effect and influence on neuron functions should not be taken lightly. Surely a life style of exercise and working out goes with good diet, nutrition and plenty of rest. This would benefit you much more than risking your hard work and healthy lifestyle for the sake of a Class C drug.

Who wants to get into a life of pharmaceutical never ending circle which will be extremely difficult to break and the longer you use them the greater the risk of serious health problems.

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