Matthew Dear - Who Killed Me ?
essex police
Essex Police has developed the 2Smart brand which covers the work they do with young people.
Officers are keen to develop good relationships with young people across Essex.  Police officers see the consequences of young people making the wrong choices when it comes to Drugs, Knives, Alcohol and Bullying. But they also see the positive role young people play in the community - this was highlighted during the Essex Police Young People of the Year Awards.
2SMART is an Essex Police award winning project.  In 2008 it expanded its program to cover not only drugs but alcohol bullying and knives.  The project was previously known as 2Smart4Drugs but has evolved to cover the four key issues renaming itself 2SMART. 
In 2010 2SMART now includes steroids in its road shows and tells the story of Matthew on its website.  We are very grateful to be involved in this project. 
 2SMART is unique in the whole of the UK and covers the whole of Essex and this year reached out in excess of 15,000 Year 7 school pupils aged 11-12 years. 
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Essex Police 2Smart Roadshow .
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