Matthew Dear - Who Killed Me ?
The Alternative
The Matthew Dear Foundation's aim is to warn about the abuse and risks of taking Anabolic Steroids and APEDs and would like to give you an alternative way to achieving what you want.
We are really pleased to be working with Aaron Donaldson who is a qualified Personal Trainer who can offer a healthy risk free alternative to anabolic steroids.  As Aaron is a 'natural' bodybuilder himself he really can offer you The Alternative 
As well as being able to offer advice on diet and nutrition Aaron will also discuss training programs to suit individual needs.
Aaron does do Personal Training for a living and is willing to offer his expert advice free  to people coming through this website.  If you find Aarons help to be valuable and constructive and would like to make a donation to Aaron for his help that would be very welcome and entirely up to the individual. 
 About Aaron 
aaron donaldsonREPs Level 3 Personal Trainer
Bootcamp Instructor
Torso and Core stability
Optimum Nutrition for Sports Performance
Optimum Nutrition for Weight Loss
 As heard through Southend and Chelmsford radio, Aaron specialises in helping others achieve their peak fitness levels, whether their goals are to:
·        Increase performances for a specific sport
·        Lose weight
·        Tone up/shape up
·        Build muscle
He helps others do this by using a range of high quality and effective training principles along with correct nutrition and dietary planning for all of his clients.
Always trying to keep active, Aaron has participated in many sports from rugby and basketball to even “Go Shin Do” a form of karate. These are what has helped Aaron understand what is needed in any given task to be faced and shows through his training.
Recently Aaron went through his on transformation as he dropped 13kg to get in the best shape of his life as he competed in the Jr Natural BNBF (British natural bodybuilding federation) show, proving to himself and others that he knows what it takes and what is needed to attain you desired physique.