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London 2012
On the  27th July 2012 The Olympic Games is coming to town.  What a fantastic achievement by the Olympic Bid Committee headed by Sir Sebastian Coe and Dame Kelly Holmes.  But unfortunately they come to a town where it is legal to take anabolic steroids(UK) unlike the USA and many other countries where the taking of steroids without a doctors prescription is illegal and an imprisonable offence.  
The Net is now Closing in on the London 2012 Olympics.
   It's here.  The London 2012 Olympics.  From training grounds across the world, to rooms in the athletes village, to border checkpoints around the UK, the cat-and-mouse game between drug cheats and the doping police is in full swing.  
The goal -  To deter or catch dopers before they line up to compete.  And those who slip through the pre-games  crackdown will face the most extensive anti doping programe in Olympic history, with more tests and more advanced testing techniques. 
"The more cheats we can catch is the better for the clean athletes" IOC President Jacques Rogge.
During the games, which run until August 12th the top five finishers - plus two other athletes chosen at random will be tested. 
Samples will again be saved for eight years to allow for retroactive testing. 
"I think it's the tightest net we have ever had ", IOC Vice President Thomas Bach
Another policy by the IOC is the prohibitation of athletes bringing in needles and syringes unless approved for legitimate medical reasons.  Needles are banned from housing areas, locker rooms and training and competition sites. 
"There is only so much we can do.  We have to recognise that some athletes may want to cross the line and cheat during the games.  We want everyone standing on the podium to be proud of being a clean athlete and not have any person question their performance." Andy Parkinson, UKAD Chief Executive. 
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