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In this country we now have an organisation which polices all of our top athletes.  They are called the UK Anti Doping Agency. They are the first stand-alone anti doping organisation.  They have introduced new initiatives including the launch of a new confidential hotline to report doping in sport.  
Andy Parkinson, Chief Executive, says "I am pleased and proud of the impact we have made.  We have provided education and support for the GB Team and have embarked on an anti-doping education programmes for the Commonwealth Games and the UK School Games amongst others.  We work with national and international sport federations, other anti-doping organisations, government and of course athletes to ensure we achieve our purpose, to protect the rights of athletes to compete in a doping free sport.  We have been responsible for a world first human growth hormone finding - widely considered undetectable, the findings caused ripples throughout the sporting world and has sparked a debate across the Atlantic with a call for further testing in sports".  
Report Doping In Sport  
Make the call 0800 032 2332
The 24 hour reporting line is one of the many valuable tools used for intelligence gathering about the use, supply or trafficking of prohibited substances. 
The United Kingdom Anti Doping Agency is protecting the rights of all athletes to compete in a doping-free level playing field. Clean Sport. 
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