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Thanks for taking the time to read this.

Matthew was born in 1991 at Rochford hospital. Matthew attended St Helens R. C Primary School and then went on to St Thomas More High School For Boys. He finished off his education at the South East Essex College. Matthew worked part time for Royal Mail.

Matthew's interests were keeping fit and with passing his driving test after four months his new hobby was restoring his car. He had bought an old Mercedes and he taxed, MOT, and insured it all by himself (a hard worker).

Matthew was a very kind and well liked boy. Everywhere Matthew went he got on with people. Matthew always looked for the good in people. He was no trouble at all. Even when he was a baby he was as good as gold. He was the kind of person that if you had a room full of people Matthew would be the quiet person standing in the corner. Matthew was not very materialistic he didn't have to have the latest phone or gadget, even clothes he was very easy to buy for. If you saw an item of clothing or a pair of shoes which were a bargain he would not turn his nose up and was always thankful. 

Matthew was a very hard worker that did not need to be supervised. If he was given a job he would get on with that job until it was finished. You could rely and depend on Matthew to do a good job. Matthew also helped a number of elderly people to do odd jobs and anything he could do to make their lives easier. Matthew would do anything from typing a letter to washing windows and cutting the lawn, to hanging out washing !!!!!!!! 


Matthew's passion was his beloved Royal Marine Cadets. This was Matthew down to a tee. He loved everything about the Marines from the history to the bulling of his boots. This is where Matthew's fitness and ability to run long distances with heavy packs on his back and navigate came into his own.

 Matthew's goal was to become a member of one of the most elite fighting forces in the world. The Royal Marines.

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