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Who Killed Me ?

 We believe Matthew died of an adverse reaction or shock that his body had after taking anabolic steroids. If we can stop one person from taking the decision to try anabolic steroids then this website will have been worthwhile.  

The police arrested two men in connection with supplying Matthew and another with anabolic steroids, Alex Moss-Austin and Gary Penny both from Westcliff On Sea, Essex. After being found guilty they were sentenced on the 1st March 2010 at Basildon Crown Court. 

NO JUSTICE FOR MATTHEW - Alex Moss-Austin and Gary Penny were found GUILTY but only received 160 hours community service and a £300 fine - what a joke. This gives dealers the green light as the rewards and gains of dealing outway the punishment.

Moss-Austin referred to Matthew as a friend - NO WAY as when Matthew was fighting for his life in hospital and they needed to analyse the tablets Moss-Austin was too busy out socialising to help and said to contact him the next day. 

The next day came and he had gone to ground - not the actions of a friend ACTIONS OF A COWARD. No mention either of the chart that Moss-Austin had written out and given to Matthew telling him how many pills to take each day and at one point Matthew was taking four pills a day. What right or qualification does he have to do this - if a doctor had given you a prescription that ultimately killed you I am sure he would get more than 160 hours !!! No mention either of Moss-Austins comment that he didn't take the same steroids as the ones he sold Matthew !!! That says it all (cheap tablets). Their lives have not been affected just take a look on their Facebooks -the pictures and the comments of "my life and I love it" - Matthew also loved his life and had so much to give until it was stolen from him and us!! Anabolic steroids are drugs not supplements. Whether a class A B or C drug - DRUGS ARE DRUGS - and a DEALER IS A DEALER - not a friend.

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