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Mission Statement

The Matthew Dear Foundation exists in honour of our beloved son, Matthew, to educate and inform others about the dangers of 'Appearance & Performance Enhancing Drugs' (APEDs) after we believe his own life was cut tragically short by uninformed, un-prescribed steroid use.

Our mission is to highlight the severity of the issues and increase the attention required at the very heart of the industry where the problems occurs most.

From sports clubs to the physical education system, we want these institutions to face the issues of performance enhancement, head on. So that instead of leaving susceptible people uninformed and risking potentially irreparable damage to them and the lives of those closest to them, they will understand and acknowledge the dangers and avoid use.

By sharing the trauma of losing our son; our family aims to prevent the innocent from making the same mistakes as Matt through The Matthew Dear Foundations cause.

We envision a time when all young people will be aware of the dangers associated with using APEDs. To get there, our mission is to spread this message wherever possible. We believe there is no room for performance enhancing drugs in our sports, education system, or social structure and through a combination of petitioning, fund raising and school visits we know this goal can be fulfilled.

Words cannot express the pain of losing a child to drugs, especially when a very simple solution can be found in information and communication.

Our resolve grows stronger each day; with every single person that we reach through The Matthew Dear Foundation.

We will;

help undo the damage wrought by APEDs

We will;

campaign to get our message to susceptible and innocent people

We will;

continue to address young audiences whenever we can

We will;

be outspoken when it comes to getting our message across

We are;

passionate about saving the lives of the innocent

All our love

Chris and Tina Dear

And our beloved family

The Matthew Dear Foundation

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