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The London Marathon 2011

Location London, United Kingdom

Date 17th April Time 09.45

The London Marathon is a charity road marathon that has been held each spring in London since 1981. The race is currently sponsored by Virgin Money (Previously sponsored by Flora from 1996 to 2009). 

As well as being one of the top 5 international marathons run over the traditional distance of 42.195 km (26 miles and 385 yds) the London Marathon is also a large celebratory sporting festival. Set over a large flat course around the River Thames, the London Marathon is generally regarded as a very competitive and unpredictable event and conducive to fast times. It is the only marathon course in the world that is run in two hemispheres, both east and west, as the full course crosses the Prime Meridian in Greenwich.

Running for us is......... Glen Taylor who is an Essex boy, aged 54, born in Southend, a local lad who went to Fairfax School then on to Westcliff High. Glen is married to Karen with two sons and has always been into sport. He can remember learning to swim at the old

Westcliff On Sea open air swimming pool down on the seafront,which has since gone

and in it's place is now an established casino!!!. Glen likes running, swimming and cycling but found running was his forte - He is a natural runner. Glen is an active member of Southend Athletics Club not only competing but also training and on their committee. He has helped alot of people get started in running in sharing his expertise and passion.  

Honoured We are honoured that Glen is running to raise money for the Matthew Dear Foundation. All money being raised will go towards raising awareness and educating the dangers of appearance and performance enhancing drugs.To give an informed choice to people who want to listen. (Please view our Mission Statement)


If you would like to sponsor Glen online click on the link below. Thank you for your help and support.

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Well Done Glen


A week before the Marathon I went and visited Glen and he was not very well, suffering from a chest infection. Obviously we were anxious, not knowing what was going to happen. It got to about the Wednesday and Glen emailed us that he still was not feeling very well but we had a few days to go.

We wanted to meet everyone at the station at 8.30 and go up in a big group but we did not email or facebook anybody because we did not know right up to 6 o'clock Sunday morning that Glen was going for it still not feeling 100%. We took the train to Stratford and changed to the Docklands Light Railway for Greenwich (Cutty Sark). This was at the 7 mile mark into the marathon. We could not believe the atmosphere, it was electric. We stood next to a jazz band playing and my toe was tapping all the time, it felt like a carnival atmosphere. Everyone was cheering, laughing - hundreds of people all excited and charged at the same time. We saw Glen go by, then we walked through the Greenwich tunnel to the Isle of Dogs along West Ferry Road in between the 15 and 16 mile points and just happened to find a space outside a pub ???? The pub also had a sound system playing music outside. The sun was shinning and the weather was absolutely brilliant for spectators, not ideal weather conditions for the poor runners. Managed this time to video Glen who looked fantastic. He even managed to slow down to say hello.

Then we moved on to the 18 mile point around Canary Wharf, where it was about six people deep. Saw Glen but could not get anywhere near the front. Then we were going to go on the Jubilee line to Westminster but got off two stops early at Southwark Station.


Heading for the Embankment we got completely lost and ended up standing on Waterloo Bridge. But it was a relief to get off the tube as we were literally packed in like sardines. Watched the runners go along under the bridge then made our way along the Embankment up to Westminster to try and see Glen at the finish. Around Horse Guards Parade you could just not move in a sea of people waiting for the runners to finish. We have never been in such a crowd of people in all our lives. We then walked round St James Park which the marathon course encircled, around up to the top near Buckingham Palace where we crossed a temporary scaffold bridge which released us from the marathon cauldron going around the park. We walked to St James Park underground station and onto Liverpool Street and caught the 16.45 home to Southend. The London Marathon is a fantastic experience and would recommend it to anyone as an excellent day out, with loads of people running for all their good causes.


The Matthew Dear Foundation would just like to thank Glen who ran not feeling 100% for his guts, determination and stamina.


Thank You to everyone that sponsored Glen.

St Cedds Bridgewater Drive, Tuesday Dance Group

St James Elmsleigh Drive, Thursday Tea Dance

Theresa (RBS)

Family, Friends, Friends of the Matthew Dear Foundation and All Individual Supporters

Message from Glen

Hi Chris

Chest infection returned Sunday night with a vengeance, cough has come back with a sore throat but it will soon go with a bit of luck! Legs are bit sore and tight but no real issues there. Must admit that I'm not disappointed with the time although it was 52 minutes slower than my last marathon, just goes to show what happens in a marathon when you are not well !!! If I'm being honest though it was stupid to run with a viral infection, but runners give advice but never take it!!

Can't believe how good I looked in the photos at 15 miles I was absolutely finished at that point, it just goes to show what happens when you see your supporters!

Really glad that you enjoyed the day, I'll drop the running vest into you sometime as it will make a great memento to the day. There will be official photos out soon, I will let you know when they become available.



London Marathon 2011

Glen Taylor running for the Matthew Dear Foundation

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